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Payday stickers
Payday stickers

Payday stickers

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Includes 48 payday stickers, printed on repositionable matte sticker paper.

Each stickers is about .65" tall and wide.

Sheet is 4.85” x 7.25”.

**We are transitioning to glossy sticker paper. Our premium matte vinyl paper (even though it looks and feels great), has been causing us a lot of issues for the last six months. In order to keep my sanity (literally), we needed to make a change. The beautiful glossy paper has the same amount of stickiness and you can write on it with most pens. Until we completely make the transition, you might receive either the matte or glossy sticker paper. You can go wrong with either. Thank you in advance, for your patience while we go through this big change. Our goal is to always provide you with the best product. Enjoy!